• Because ideas travel faster than breaking news.

  • Because ideas trigger revolution in 140 characters.

  • Because ideas transform sparks into success stories.

  • At Group Partnership, we believe in the power of ideas. The honest, fearless and engaging types that question beliefs, alter perspectives and unlock minds. For 19 years now, we’ve been partnering brands to identify their voice and speak in the language of now. And what’s now is our Horizontality approach that’s drawn from a single-minded proposition – ideate before create.

  • An award-winning communication agency that specializes in creating new and meaningful ways for brands to connect and make conversations with people and beyond.

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  • Experts in influencing opinions, managing perceptions and generating value across existing & emerging media. In short, our PR, Digital & Activation arm.

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  • A multidisciplinary branding consultancy that provides integrated design services on Branding, Identity, Environmental Design and Digital ecosystems.

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our process

  • The Insight

    An insight is the truth that comes from basic human behaviour. It’s the understanding of ‘Why’ rather than ‘What’. Having an understanding of ‘Why’ leads to ideas that leave an impact.

  • The Idea

    An idea is the ‘Aha’ that comes from an insight. It’s what connects intention to creation. And eventually triggers a positive action.

  • The Channel

    All great communication needs to go somewhere. Having a strong grip on the different media channels, both conventional and contemporary, helps in deciding where.